in 2005, after I swam the English channel, I was presented with a map which plotted the route I took between England and France. No swimmer crosses the channel in a straight line, the movement of the tides ensures that every swimmer plots a unique line across the Dover straights. These routes and charts are a special reminder to each swimmer of their crossing.

It has long been in my mind to create something to capture this line in ceramic form. After much experimentation, I found that sandblasting biscuit fired porcelain to different depths was the technique that produced the best results. Once fired a second time, the light passes through the porcelain, revealing the drawing and casting a soft, subtle light.

I am fascinated by every lamp I make. To look at your tide, your route, your start time, the weather on the day, your pilot.... It all tells a story which I am personally invested in.


If you would like a Channel Swim Lamp or if you would like to gift one, please send us an email at with the following information :

- First name

- Name

- Date of the swim

- Time achieved

- A photo of the map (if it can't be found on the CSA or CSPF websites).

The total price of 170€ includes the personnalised porcelain lamp in its gift box, wired with a UK plug and equipped with an LED bulb. Postage & packaging and import tax (if applicable) not included, enquire for quote. Lamps are wired to conform with european regulations. They measure 24cm in height and 18cm in width although sizes may vary due to the hand made nature of the item.

Orders will take from 4 to 8 weeks to be completed and sent.